Steps to run tests using Robo test

Steps to run tests using Robo test

  1. In gradle clean the project. build->other->clean
  2. In gradle build the project and create apk. build->other-> assembleDebug or assembleRelease depending on the build we want to test.
  3. apk will be created in <location of project>\app\build\outputs\apk\debug.
  4. Open Firebase console open your project -> click Test Lab. This will open dashboard with previously run tests and button to run a new test.

The multi-media Networking App


Social is a networking app similar to Instagram. Every user can create an account and share posts from the phone photos library or change profile photo or search of other users by username. Social is for artists like painters, photographers, singers, etc. to create a portfolio so that they can share it with anyone who wants to see their work. Working of the app is demonstrated in the video below.

Social: The multi-media Networking App

Surfaces, Bold Graphic design, Meaningful motion and Adaptive design


App contains of materials that have shape, size, color, text. While designing an app we need to take care of shape and arrangement, color, typography, Iconography.

Material design are guidelines provided by google to make our process of designing an app easy, user friendly and familiar to users. They base their guidelines on Gestalt Principles. These principles talk from experience on what designs guidelines users are more comfortable with. All these material designs are placed on surfaces.

Surfaces represent tangible materials like paper. They are sheets of digital paper. They adapt the basic principles from…


Android studio usually greats us with a message as shown in fig below to update when there is an update available. clicking on it will update gradle to the latest version.

gradle update available

It is always a good idea to be aware on how to do it manual Ashwell. In This article we’ll see how to update the project to make it up-to-date.

Bringing old projects up-to-date usually consists of the below three steps.

  1. Update gradle android plugin : Gradle plugin is what allows gradle to understand and execute android build. As well as facilitating the synchronization between gradle and android studio’s project model.
  2. Update the gradle wrapper : Scripts and jar that…

Must-know facts about Gradle files in android studio


Gradle is more of a toolbox than a subject to learn completely. In this article, we will look at some common uses of Gradle in android.

First lets look at some basic Gradle overview like creating a task, importing a file into android studio and running it, uses of plugin, etc. Then we will look at common uses of Gradle in android.

Gradle Overview:

  1. files created when I import a file into android studio
.gradle dir.:- where gradle stores information for incremental build support- so it has tasks inputs and outputs
idea dir.:- gradle…

Build variants


It is always convenient to have different versions of your app. free and paid versions is a common example. We also want debug to test the app and release versions of the app when it is ready for play store. …


Testing is one of the most important steps in the development life cycle. Writing unit tests for each module is important, as we do not want to break old code when adding a new functionality. There are multiple APIs that help us write efficient tests and reduce boiler plate code. Figure below shows different testing APIs for different kind of tests.

Retrofit is an awesome type-safe HTTP client for Android and Java built by awesome folks at Square. Retrofit makes it easy to consume JSON or XML data which is parsed into Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs).


Simple Retrofit implementation is 6 step:

Step 1: POJO class with fields one wants to read from the API network call.

public class RetroPhoto {

private Integer albumId;
private Integer id;
private String title;

Displays all movies from the cloud with filters selected


Movies app starts off with a list of movies from the cloud sorted based on the most popular filter. Users can change filters (most popular, most rated, favorites and language preferred). This functionality is implemented using shared preferences. The app then loads data from the cloud and displays it on the screen. Users can see the movie details, trailers, reviews by clicking on the movie they like on the home screen. …

Topics covered:
Room, MVVM architecture, Executor, LiveData, ItemTouchHelper

This project is to understand Room and its implementation using MVVM app architecture.

Room is an object-mapping library that provides local data persistence with minimal boilerplate code. At compile time, it validates each query against your data schema, so broken SQL queries result in compile-time errors instead of runtime failures. Room abstracts away some of the underlying implementation details of working with raw SQL tables and queries. It also allows you to observe changes to the database’s data, including collections and join queries, exposing such changes using LiveData objects. …

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