Steps to run tests using Robo test

Steps to run tests using Robo test

  1. In gradle clean the project. build->other->clean
  2. In gradle build the project and create apk. build->other-> assembleDebug or assembleRelease depending on the build we want to test.
  3. apk will be created in <location of project>\app\build\outputs\apk\debug.
  4. Open Firebase console open your project -> click Test Lab. This will open dashboard with previously run tests and button to run a new test.

The multi-media Networking App


Social: The multi-media Networking App

Surfaces, Bold Graphic design, Meaningful motion and Adaptive design



gradle update available

Bringing old projects up-to-date usually consists of the below three steps.

  1. Update gradle android plugin : Gradle plugin is what allows gradle to understand and execute android build. As well as facilitating the synchronization between gradle and android studio’s project model.
  2. Update the gradle wrapper : Scripts and jar that…

Must-know facts about Gradle files in android studio


Gradle Overview:

  1. files created when I import a file into android studio
.gradle dir.:- where gradle stores information for incremental build support- so it has tasks inputs and outputs
idea dir.:- gradle…

Build variants



public class RetroPhoto {

private Integer albumId;
private Integer id;
private String title;

Displays all movies from the cloud with filters selected


Topics covered:
Room, MVVM architecture, Executor, LiveData, ItemTouchHelper

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