Firebase Test Lab

Steps to run tests using Robo test

  1. In gradle clean the project. build->other->clean
  2. In gradle build the project and create apk. build->other-> assembleDebug or assembleRelease depending on the build we want to test.
  3. apk will be created in <location of project>\app\build\outputs\apk\debug.
  4. Open Firebase console open your project -> click Test Lab. This will open dashboard with previously run tests and button to run a new test.

click on run a test-> Robo test-> upload apk and Robo script (see step 5 to create one) ->Then select devices to run the tests on and add additional details if required (step 6) and run test.

5. Robo script is a script that tells the Robo tests on what to input in different fields and how to navigate in the app.

in android studio where the project is open tools-> Firebase->Test Lab -> Record Robo Script and Use it to Guide Robo Test

This will open the app in an emulator. Enter what needs in respective fields and navigate to screens required to be tested. E.g.: if you want to login you can login and the Robo script will record your credentials. Or if you want to change server name in settings do it while recording the Robo script.

Once done json file will be created and this is the required Robo script.

6. If you think Robo script does not have information for the fields you need to enter in your app, you can do it using additional options as well.

resource name=<id of the resource> and value is the value you want to enter.

e.g. you can enter username and password here to login if you do not want to do it using Robo script




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