Social is a networking app similar to Instagram. Every user can create an account and share posts from the phone photos library or change profile photo or search of other users by username. Social is for artists like painters, photographers, singers, etc. to create a portfolio so that they can share it with anyone who wants to see their work. Working of the app is demonstrated in the video below.

Social: The multi-media Networking App

Social is implemented with Firebase Auth, Firebase storage and Firebase firestore. Please have a look at the GitHub code to see the implementation.

The idea of the App and target Audience:


App flow

User Testing

User test 1: The app did not load image and display on preview screen initially, which was caught during user testing.

Break Down of the final piece

  1. Sign in/ Sign up page

2. Home Screen

3. Preview Screen

4. Search results

5. Searched profile

6. Sign out


This was an overall fun project to work on. It covers Firebase fundamentals. Firebase is a perfect fit for projects like social that have the capability of growing sizes.




Mobile app developer

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Nikitha Gullapalli

Nikitha Gullapalli

Mobile app developer

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